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Validation of Magnetic Reconstruction Codes for Real-Time Applications

D. Mazon, A. Murari, C. Boulbe, B. Faugeras, J. Blum, J. Svensson, T. Quilichini, M. Gelfusa, JET-EFDA Contributors

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 58 / Number 3 / November 2010 / Pages 742-754

Selected Paper from Sixth Fusion Data Validation Workshop 2010 (Part 2) /

The real-time reconstruction of the plasma magnetic equilibrium in a tokamak is a key point to access high-performance regimes. Indeed, the shape of the plasma current density profile is a direct output of the reconstruction and has a leading effect for reaching a steady-state high-performance regime of operation. The challenge is thus to develop real-time methods and algorithms that reconstruct the magnetic equilibrium from the perspective of using these outputs for feedback control purposes. In this paper the validation of the JET real-time equilibrium reconstruction codes using both a Bayesian approach and a full equilibrium solver named Equinox will be detailed, the comparison being performed with the off-line equilibrium code EFIT (equilibrium fitting) or the real-time boundary reconstruction code XLOC (X-point local expansion). In this way a significant database, a methodology, and a strategy for the validation are presented. The validation of the results has been performed using a validated database of 130 JET discharges with a large variety of magnetic configurations. Internal measurements like polarimetry and motional Stark effect have been also used for the Equinox validation including some magnetohydrodynamic signatures for the assessment of the reconstructed safety profile and current density.

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