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Diffusion Coefficient of Tritium Through Molten Salt Flibe and Rate of Tritium Leak from Fusion Reactor System

Satoshi Fukada, Robert A. Anderl, Akio Sagara, Masabumi Nishikawa

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 48 / Number 1 / July-August 2005 / Pages 666-669

Technical Paper / Tritium Science and Technology - Materials Interaction and Permeation /

Diffusion coefficients of hydrogen isotopes in Flibe were correlated with making reference to previous relating data of F- ion self-diffusivity and Flibe viscosity and so on. Rates of tritium permeation through structural materials in a fusion reactor system with Flibe blanket were estimated comparatively under conditions with or without a Flibe permeation barrier. A way to lower the tritium leak rate below a level regulated by law was proposed, and its effectiveness was discussed.

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