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ANS works on behalf of its members to advocate for policies that advance nuclear science and technology. In Washington, D.C. and at the state level, ANS looks for opportunities to support policies that advance nuclear science in medicine, energy, education, and aerospace. ANS works in a variety of ways to encourage policies that recognize the benefits nuclear science and technology brings to our lives.

ANS International Policy Initiatives

ANS Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy

The Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy (SCARP) was organized in 2018 by then ANS President John Kelly to survey existing advanced reactor-related legislation and policy proposals in order to develop integrated policy-related recommendations. 

In examining current federal policies in law, regulation, public pronouncement and practice, the Special Committee developed an eight-page report aimed at accelerating the deployment of advanced reactors in the U.S. and abroad that best represent the consensus position of the U.S. nuclear community.

The Special Committee knows that it is essential for the federal government, specifically the U.S. Department of Energy, to actively support accelerated development of the advanced reactor standards by standards development organizations (SDOs) that the U.S. NRC would incorporate into its regulatory policies, guidelines, and activities so as to not delay or complicate the timely licensing of the first generation of advanced reactor.

It is the SCARP committee’s hope that the NRC, DOE, and SDO community review the report and recognize its recommendations as a valuable blueprint to consider while moving forward with advanced reactor standards development and policies related to advanced reactor deployment.

Download a copy of the Special Report

Setting the Right Bar: How Consensus Standards Help Advanced Reactor Development

ANS Special Committee on Advanced Reactor Policy roster:

  • Marvin Fertel, Chair
  • Art Wharton, Vice Chair
  • Steven Arndt
  • Robert Budnitz
  • Daniel Carleton
  • Michael Corradini
  • George Flanagan
  • Steve Nesbit
  • Craig Piercy
  • Piyush Sabharwall
  • Mike Tschiltz
  • Patrick White

Watch online: Federal Policy Landscape for Nuclear Energy

ANS members watch the November 5 webinar discussing updates on the political landscape of nuclear as we near the 2020 fall election season. Topics covered ranged from interacting with the green community on nuclear, low-dose radiation, and a breakdown of current federal nuclear legislation. 

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Watch online: ANS public policy members-only video webinar
Low-dose Radiation: What is the science telling us?

ANS members watch the September 24 webinar on the health effects, research and development, and the polarizing questions surrounding the topic of low-dose radiation. 

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ANS Nuclear Waste Task Force

ANS formed the Nuclear Waste Task force in 2019 to interact with policymakers, government representatives, and the public on spent fuel and high-level radioactive waste management issues.

The issue of nuclear waste policy is of paramount importance for the nuclear technology community. Effective radioactive waste management is necessary to allow for the application of nuclear technology. In particular, this refers to restricting the development of advanced reactors which would provide reliable, carbon-free energy if the waste issue is not sufficiently addressed.

On Thursday, June 27, ANS Nuclear Waste Policy Task Force Chair Steve Nesbit provided testimony for a hearing before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The purpose of the hearing was to examine options for the interim and long-term storage of nuclear waste and to consider S. 1234, the Nuclear Waste Administration Act of 2019.

The ANS Nuclear Policy Wire is pleased to announce our newest initiative, the Nuclear All-Stars series! We’ll be interviewing some of nuclear’s biggest advocates in Congress to chat about upcoming legislation and why nuclear is important to them.

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