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Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education
James F. Stubbins, Prof. Paul Philip Hood Wilson

Early Career Reactor Physicist Award
Benjamin S. Collins, Massimiliano Fratoni

Fellow of ANS
Prof. James P. Blanchard, Mr. Jack D. Law, Dr. Jaakko Leppânen, Dr. Joseph Y.R. Rashid, Dr. Todd R. Allen, Dr. Roy A. Axford, Mr. Emory D. Collins, PE, Mr. Karl N. Fleming, Dr. Lin-Wen Hu, Dr. Jasmina L. Vujic

Landis Public Communication and Education Award
Prof. James F. Stubbins

W. Bennett Lewis Award
Prof. Frank L. Parker

Local Section Meritorious Award
  • Best Small Section – Michigan–Ohio, Public Information and Education
  • Best Small Section – Northeastern New York, Section Management
  • Best Small Section – Washington, DC, Membership and Meetings & Programs
  • Best Large Section – Savannah River, Overall

Mark Mills Award
Dr. Xiang Liu

Don Miller Award
Dr. Jin Jiang, Dr. Belle Upadhyaya

Mishima Award
Dr. Joseph Y.R. Rashid

Nuclear Historic Landmark Award
Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) Facility

Presidential Citations
French Local Section of the American Nuclear Society (SFANS)

Ted Quinn Early Career Award
Mr. Chad Kiger

Radiation Science and Technology Award
Prof. Ling-Jian Meng

Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award
Richard P. Coe

Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award
Prof. Nolan E. Hertel

Samuel Glasstone Award
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Best Section), Brigham Young University (2nd Place), University of New Mexico (2nd Place), University of Florida (Honorable Mention), University of Illinois (Honorable Mention), University of Wisconsin (Honorable Mention), and Virginia Commonwealth University (Honorable Mention)

Seaborg Medal
Prof. M.M.R. Williams

Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award (NEI)
Dr. James T. Rhodes

Special Award
Not Awarded

Standards Service Award
Dr. Robert D. Busch

Student Design Competition
  • Purdue University - HYPER: Hydrogen Production Electrolysis Reactor; Students: Anna Biela, Chris Copeland, Antony Damico, Adam Darr, Robert Kile, Corey Ohneck; Advisor: Drs. Martin Bertodano and Chan Choi
  • University of Tennessee - Concept Reactor for Extraterrestrial Surface Power: PULSR; Students: Dan Floyd, Patrick Tidwell, Gavin Ridley, Walt Tebbs; Advisor: Dr. Laurence F. Miller; Advisor: Dr. Laurence F. Miller

  • University of Michigan - Multiplicity Counting of Distributed Sources for Safeguard Applications; Students: Lauren A. Finney, Stefano Marin, Christopher A. Meert, Tingshuan C. Wu, Jianxin Zhou; Advisor: Dr. Sara Pozzi
  • Colorado School of Mines - Design and Analysis of a Subcritical Assembly for On-Campus Nuclear Training and Education; Students: Cliff Ghiglieri, Hannah Grover, Joey Latta; Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey King

Technical Achievement Award
Dr. Si-Young Lee

Theos J. ("Tommy") Thompson Award For Reactor Safety
Robert W. Youngblood

Utility Achievement Award
Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award
Dr. Wade Marcum

Young Member Excellence Award
Mr. Brett D. Rampal

Walter H. Zinn Award
Brian K. Grimes - Consultant

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