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Alvin M. Weinberg Medal
Mr. William D. Magwood IV

Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education
Dr. John G. Gilligan

Don Miller Award
Dr. Joseph Naser, Mr. Ted Quinn

Dwight D. Eisenhower Award
Dr. Siegfried S. Hecker, Sen. Richard G. Lugar, Sen. Samuel A. Nunn, Jr.

Early Career Reactor Physicist Award
Dr. Florent Heidet

Edward Teller Award
R. Paul Drake, Vladimir Tikhonchuk

Eugene P. Wigner Reactor Physicist Award
Dr. Nam Zin Cho

Fellow of ANS
Prof. Jacopo Buongiorno, Prof. Sara A. Pozzi, Prof. Poong Hyun Seong, Dr. Richard Wood, Dr. Brian N. Aviles, Dr. Guillermo Daniel Del Cul, Prof. Ronald M. Gilgenbach, Mr. Donald R. Hoffman, Dr. Seungjin Kim, Dr. Stephen P. Schultz, Dr. Brian D. Wirth

Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award
Dr. Jim E. Morel

Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award (NEI)
Mr. William D. Magwood

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award
Dr. Yang Zhang

Landis Public Communication and Education Award
Dr. James L. Conca

Leadership Award
Dr. William Burchill

Lifetime Achievement Award (FCWMD)
Dr. Ruth F. Weiner

Local Sections Meritorious Award
Small Local Sections:
  • Best Membership – Washington, DC
  • Best Meetings and Programs – Michigan - Ohio
  • Best Public Information – Wilmington
  • Best Section Management – Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Best Large Local Section:
  • Overall – Savannah River

Mark Mills Award
Mr. Timothy P. Burke

Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women's Achievement Award
Prof. Kathryn D. Huff

Mishima Award
Prof. Gary S. Was

Nuclear Historic Landmark Award
Radiochemical Processing Laboratory (PNNL), Radiochemical Engineering Development Center (ORNL)

Presidential Citations
Mr. Joshua Freed, Ms. Rachel Pritzker, Ms. Vanice Perin, Mr. John Kotek, Dr. Nermin Uckan, Dr. Nicholas Tsoulfanidis, Steve Arndt

Radiation Science and Technology Award
Prof. Lawrence W. Townsend

Reactor Technology Award (Atomic Energy Society of Japan)
Dr. Bruce Bingman, PE

Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Kimberlee Jane Kearfott

Samuel Glasstone Award
University of Wisconsin – Madison Student Section (Best Section), Texas A&M University – Kingsville (2nd Runner Up), University of Florida Student Section (2nd Runner Up), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Student Section (Honorable Mention)

Darlene Schmidt Science News Award
Miles O'Brien
PBS producer and science journalist, Miles O'Brien Productions
Seaborg Medal
Dr. Charles (Chip) R. Martin

Significant Contributions Award (FCWMD)
Dr. Robert Einziger

Special Award
Not Awarded
Making SMRs a Reality: Going beyond conceptual designs to deployment
Standards Service Award
Dr. Abraham Weitzberg

Student Design Competition
Graduate: University of Michigan, Two-stage Cargo Scanning using Active Interrogation, Kris Ogren, Felicia Sutanto, Valerie Nwadeyi, Adam Withers; Colorado School of Mines, Proliferation Resistant 1 GWe Molten Salt Nuclear Reactor (PRMSR), Matthew Urban, Russell Jarmer, Francesca Mallett

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Conceptual Design for a Molten Salt Test Reactor, Brandon Little, Calvin Parkin, Ken Zander; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, RadLock: Radiation Smart Safe, Caroline Colbert, Alexandra Delmore, Jonathan Morrell, Luisa Kenausis

Ted Quinn Early Career Award
Dr. Jamie Coble

Theos J. ("Tommy") Thompson Award For Reactor Safety
Mr. Bill T. Williamson

W. Bennett Lewis Award
Mr. Kazuaki Matsui

Walter H. Zinn Award
Mr. Tom Miller

Young Member Excellence Award
Dr. Shikha Prasad

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