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Alvin M. Weinberg Medal
Not Awarded

Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education
Michael Podowski

Don Miller Award
Douglas Chapin and Hidekazu Yoshikawa

E. Gail de Planque National Award
Gail Marcus

Edward Teller Award
Not Awarded

Eugene P. Wigner Reactor Physicist Award
Elmer Lewis

Lifetime Achievement Award (FCWMD)
James C. Bresee

Fellow of ANS
Hashem Hashemian, Ayman Hawari, Richard Kurtz, Arthur Motta, David Nigg, Rizwan Uddin

Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award
Not Awarded

Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award (NEI)
Luis E. Echavarri

Landis Public Communication and Education Award
Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award
Elia Merzari

Leadership Award
Not Awarded

Local Sections Meritorious Award
Pittsburgh Local Section (Best Membership, Best Public Information, Best Section Management); San Diego Local Section (Best Meetings and Programs). - Small), Savannah River Local Section (Best Membership, Best Meetings and Programs, Best Section Management); Idaho Local Section (Best Public Information). - Large)

Mark Mills Award
Ahmad Alsabbagh

Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women's Achievement Award
Shannon Bragg-Sitton

Meritorious Performance in Operations Award
Not Awarded

Mishima Award
Tatsuo Shikama

Nuclear Historic Landmark Award
High Flux Isotope Reactor

Octave J. Du Temple Award
Not Awarded

Presidential Citations
James W. Behrens, Bill Borchardt, Peter Caracappa, Harsh S. Desai, Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, Marvin S. Fertel, Sama Bibao y Leon, Michael Lineberry, Peter B. Lyons, Bob Penn, Amir Shakarami, Rachel Slaybaugh, Roger Tilbrook

Radiation Science and Technology Award
Dean Mitchell

Ray Goertz Award
William R. Hamel

Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award
Charlie Nesbitt

Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award
Donald J. Dudziak

Samuel Glasstone Award
University of Florida (Best Section), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Honorable Mention)

Seaborg Medal
Charles Forsberg

Special Award
Mitchell Farmer
Enhancing Nuclear Power Plant Safety in Response to the Fukushima Accident
Standards Service Award
Steven L. Stamm

Student Design Competition
Graduate, Texas A&M: Load Following Molten Salt Reactor- (Chimera) Lloyd Price, William Cook, Jinyong Feng, Advisor: Prof. Pavel Tsvetkov

Undergraduate, Purdue University: Core Design Analysis Of The Molybdenum-99 Pool Reactor- Jake Hader, Jeffrey W Klimes, James Baker Marshall, Faisal Y Odeh, Mateusz P Polek, Shane Patrick Rafferty, Advisor: Prof. C.K. Choi; Georgia Institute of Technology: Water-Based Neutron Scintillator Detector Design, Construction, and Testing- Andrew Grice, Kam Yu Lee, Jessica Maddocks, Greg Peacock, Kevin Reeves, Advisor: Prof. Anna Erickson; University of Tennessee: Methods to Enhance Spent Fuel Pool and Dry Cask Storage- Dustin Giltnane, Dave Gotthold, Seth Langford, Michael Ratliff, Jessica Shewmaker, Cody Wiggins, Advisor: Prof. Martin Grossbeck

Technical Achievement Award
Jose N. Reyes

Theos J. ("Tommy") Thompson Award For Reactor Safety
Theofanis Theofanous

Utility Achievement Award
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station

Utility Leadership Award
Jeffrey B. Archie, Sr. (VP & CNO; So. Carolina Electric & Gas): Danny G. Bost, (EVP & CNO; Southern Nuclear Operating Co.)

W. Bennett Lewis Award
Marcel Boiteux

Walker Lee Cisler Medal
Not Awarded

Walter H. Zinn Award
Kyle H. Turner

Young Member Excellence Award
Rachel Slaybaugh

Young Members Advancement Award
David Pointer

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