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Alvin M. Weinberg Medal
Pete Domenici

Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education
Nicholas Tsoulfanidis

Distinguished Public Service Award
Not Awarded

Distinguished Service Award
Mimi Holland Limbach

Don Miller Award
Dieter H. Wach and Julius J. Persensky

Edward Teller Award
James Hammer & Richard Petrasso

Eugene P. Wigner Reactor Physicist Award
Augusto Gandini

Fellow of ANS
Nam Truc Dinh, Won Sik Yang, George F. Flanagan, Ali Mosleh, Thomas M. Sutton, Mark S. Tillack

George C. Laurence Pioneering Award
Adolph Birkhofer

Gerald C. Pomraning Memorial Award
Dr. John J. Dorning, Jr.

Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award (NEI)
Richard Meserve

Landis Public Communication and Education Award
William H. Miller

Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award
Beniot Forget

Leadership Award
Not Awarded

Local Sections Meritorious Award
Northeastern New York Local Section (BEST MEETINGS & PROGRAMS - Small),Connecticut Local Section (BEST PUBLIC INFORMATION- Small, & BEST SECTION MANAGEMENT- Small), Pittsburgh (BEST MEMBERSHIP – Small),Savannah River Local Section (BEST MEETINGS & PROGRAMS, & BEST PUBLIC INFORMATION– Large), Idaho Local Section (BEST MEMBERSHIP, & BEST SECTION MANAGEMENT - Large)

Mark Mills Award
Youngsuk Bang

Mary Jane Oestmann Professional Women's Achievement Award
Kirsten Laurin-Kovitz

Meritorious Performance in Operations Award
Oak Ridge National Laboratory High Flux Isotope Reactor

Mishima Award
Not Awarded

Nuclear Historic Landmark Award
Atalante, NIST Center for Neutron Research

Octave J. Du Temple Award
Antoinette (Toni) I. Bishop

Presidential Citations
Leslie Barbour, Joyce Connery, William Corcoran, Eric Loewen, David Matthews, Michaele Brady Raap, Theodore Rockwell, Admiral Eugene P. Wilkinson

Radiation Science and Technology Award
Not Awarded

Ray Goertz Award
Not Awarded

Reactor Technology Award (Atomic Energy Society of Japan)
Not Awarded

Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award
Randy Edington

Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award
J. Kenneth Shultis

Samuel Glasstone Award
University of Wisconsin (Best Section), Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (Honorable Mention)

Samuel Untermyer II Award
Not Awarded

Seaborg Medal
Harold M. Agnew

Special Award
Richard Denning
Advancement of Severe Accidents Analysis Capabilities/Beyond-Design-Basis-Accident(BDBA) scenarios, analysis and management.
Standards Service Award
Carl A. Mazzola

Student Design Competition
Graduate, University of Florida: Innovative Accident Tolerant UO2 Composite Fuel for use in LWRs Danny Permar, Andrew Cartas, Haitang Wang; University of Michigan - Cadmium Capture-gated Detector for Use as a Portal Monitor Marc Ruch, Alicia Salazar, Charles Sosa. Undergraduate, University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign - “DECAP” - Diesel Exhaust Cleaning with Atmospheric Plasma Stephen Kleppinger, David Peterson, Zachariah Shukur, Matthew Szott, Hyun Ho Yun, Erik Ziehm; University of California – Berkley - Accident Tolerant Refractory Metal Based Cladding for Light Water Reactors D.M. Frazer, M.D. Loff, A.F. Magyar, R.E. Meyer, D. Moon, J.L. Sabella, M.J. Szwabowski

Technical Achievement Award
Chang Oh

Theos J. ("Tommy") Thompson Award For Reactor Safety
Ali Mosleh

Utility Achievement Award

Utility Leadership Award
David Heler

W. Bennett Lewis Award
Charles Till

Walker Lee Cisler Medal
Not Awarded

Walter H. Zinn Award
Loyd A. Wright

Young Member Excellence Award
Piyush Sabharwall

Young Members Advancement Award
Eric P. Loewen

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