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Glenn T. Seaborg Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship

In an effort to fulfill the strategic goal of enhancing public policy, the American Nuclear Society (ANS) invites eligible members to apply for the one-year Washington, D.C.–based Glenn T. Seaborg Science and Engineering Congressional Fellowship.

This information is available in a downloadable handout.

As a Congressional Fellow, you will contribute to the federal policymaking process by providing expertise on matters affecting nuclear science and technology.

In return, you will gain a better understanding of public policy procedures. Often, the year spent as a "Beltway insider" results in new career directions.

As the ANS Fellow, you will be one of over 270 scientists and engineers in the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Congressional Science and Engineering Fellowship Program. Since formation of the AAAS Program in 1973, more than 2,000 scientists and engineers have served as Fellows on Capitol Hill.

To apply for the ANS Congressional Fellow

Joe Green
Congress deals with a myriad of complex techincal items. There is real benefit in having somebody who can make sense of technical issues. One day, I found mysleft explaining a Megawatt. Another day, I explained the nuances of 11(e)2 nuclear byproduct waste. The benefit of the Fellowship year on my career has been immeasurable and has stayed with me ever since.
Joe Green, PhD
First ANS Congressional Fellow,

Criteria for ANS Congressional Fellow consideration includes:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen;
  • Must be an ANS member for at least two years;
  • Cannot be a federal government employee.

In addition, you must be able to fulfill one of the following:

  • a Ph.D. in a nuclear-related discipline and at least one year of experience in a nuclear field;
  • a Ph.D. in another science or engineering discipline and at least two years. experience in a nuclear field;
  • a M.S. in engineering with at least three years post-degree experience in a nuclear field.

Before the March 1, 2014 deadline, you must submit the following information in a Word, PDF, or other compatible format:

  • your name;
  • mailing address;
  • maximum two page academic and professional summary;
  • maximum two page statement of why you are applying, what you hope to accomplish, and how the Fellowship will benefit you and your employer;
  • one or two letters of reference.

Either email the information to:

Or mail the information to:

American Nuclear Society,
555 North Kensington Avenue,
La Grange Park, IL 60525.
Attn: Congressional Fellow Application.

The selection process

Eric Loewen as a Cong Fellow
It was a great and unique opportunity for me. The legislation I was working on (in the office of U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel [R-NE] - the Energy Policy Act of 2005 - was passed into law.
Eric P. Loewen, PhD, (left)
ANS Past President
2005 ANS Congressional Fellow
with U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel

After application review, the selection committee invites finalist candidates for in-person interviews during the June 2013 ANS Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.

The selection committee utilizes the following criteria:

  • competence in nuclear science and technology;
  • a demonstrated ability to participate in public policy discussions;
  • a demonstrated ability in written and oral communications;
  • contributions to ANS.

As the 2014 ANS Fellow, you will be expected to attend a two-week September 2013 orientation session in Washington, D.C. The ANS Fellowship year begins in January 2014.

ANS provides the ANS Fellow with an annual stipend of $55,000 and a small travel allowance to attend ANS national meetings.

For additional information, contact:

ANS Congressional Fellows

2000Joseph A. Green
2001Howard C. Shaffer, III
2002John F. Kotek
2003Timothy E. Valentine
2004Mario Robles, Jr.
2005Eric P. Loewen
2006Robert J. Finch
2007David B. Barber
2009Matthew D. Milazzo
2010Sarah G. Leversee
2011Erin Alexander
2012Chad J. Boyer
2013Vincent J. Esposito
2014Harsh Desai

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