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Student Sections

ANS Student sections provide a means for students to develop professionally though affiliation with an international organization of nuclear scientists and engineers. A student section may be established in any school that confers academic degrees and offers a curriculum in nuclear science and technology.

The student sections of the ANS are an important segment of the ANS membership. The student members play active roles in public information and professional development and are beginning to play a more important role in the governance of the ANS.

The student sections are represented at a national level by the Student Sections Committee.

The ANS Board of Directors has one seat designated for a student member. Since 1998, elections are held to fill this 2-year position. The Student Director works with the Student Sections Committee and others to create a strong voice for students in the ANS. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding ANS student affairs, you can send them to Miriam Kreher, the current Student Director.

To view information about student sections, select a state or region from the fields, or click on a region in the map below. You can also view a full list of U.S. or International student sections.

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