In this engaging keynote address, expert consultant and thought leader Katherine Turner will present key diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) concepts and frameworks, discuss DEI commitments made by nuclear industry organizations, engage audience members to reflect on the current state of DEI in their organizations, and call on our community to take action and advance DEI in our organizations and broader society for a better world. Katherine is President of Global Citizen, LLC. Global Citizen, LLC is a consulting firm that works to strengthen leaders’ capacity to effect organizational transformation and social impact by advancing equity, diversity, inclusion, public health, human rights, and global competence. Global Citizen, LLC works in partnership with a diverse network of dynamic consultants and interns and collaborates with company leaders across all sectors to facilitate mission and values clarification; align vision, mission, values, policies, practices, and culture; and strengthen capacity in organizational, leadership, and intercultural competence, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


  • Katherine Turner (Global Citizen, LLC)


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