Leadership Development: Leader Proficiency

How do you know your leader is "ready" for the next promotion? Succession planning is important and Individual Development Plans are valuable tools, but together they still don't bring the confidence needed when promoting leaders to middle and upper management key positions. This panel discussion explores methods being used to proactively assess individual and team readiness gaps before promotions occur and performance declines are experienced.

Potential Topics:

  • Assessment Tools
  • Development Rotations
  • Competency Evaluations
  • Behaviors vs. skills and experience

KTR/WFP: Predictive Skill Gap Analysis Software/Technology

Many companies are having to do more with less. When headcount is being discussed it's critical to understand workforce capacity and how that impacts workforce planning. This session will explore improvements in workforce planning technology and software that takes many variables into consideration to achieve optimal staffing.

Knowledge Transfer and Retention continues to be a topic of focus during periods of turnover and new employees entering the nuclear workforce. This session will showcase a systematic way to engage leadership in the assessment process and capture the historical and current plans for sustainability of the program.

HR Self Assessments are an important element to continue programs and processes are in place that support the CO.6 criteria. In this session, we will highlight the self-assessment process and practices to implement for a mid-cycle evaluation.


  • Jenny Hageman (PSEG)
  • Meredith Knight (PSEG)
  • Deb Pool (PSEG)
  • Bonnie Stahl (INPO)
  • Meshelle Augustin (TVA)
  • Michelle Gilchrist (Director of Human Resources, APS)
  • Sarah Schroeder (Manager of Talent, APS)
  • Juan Panduro (Workforce Planning Advisor, APS)


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