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General Chair

Matthew Rasmussen

Senior Vice President, TVA

Matt Rasmussen is TVA’s Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations Support. Matt reports to Tim Rausch, Chief Nuclear Officer.

Rasmussen has 20 years of experience in engineering, maintenance, work control training, and operations management at both boiling water reactor facilities (BWR) and pressurized water reactor (PWR) facilities.

Matt started his career at Browns Ferry in 2002 as a Maintenance Engineer. He served in multiple positions before being promoted to the Shift Manager role in 2009. In 2010, Matt advanced to the Operations Superintendent position and later spent 2 years as the Director of Work Management at the station where he was part of the senior management team that recovered the station from Column 4 and INPO Policy Note 14. Matt transitioned to Sequoyah Nuclear Plant where he led the Maintenance organization prior to being promoted to the Plant Manager and then Site Vice President in 2019.

Matt returned to Browns Ferry as the Site Vice President in October 2020 and most recently led the station through a WANO evaluation resulting in an Exemplary rating – the highest rating awarded in our industry. He is passionate about community engagement and giving back to the communities around our nuclear stations. Matt moved to the Nuclear Fleet Center as the Vice President, Engineering and Operations Support August 2022.

Rasmussen entered into the license class and obtained his Senior Reactor Operator License. He is a graduate of TVA’s Advanced Leadership Program and INPO’s Senior Nuclear Plant Management Program and Senior Nuclear Executive Program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University in Alabama.

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