Total Rewards: Trends in Overal Wellness Programs (Mental Wellness)

Mental health awareness and treatment are becoming increasingly important parts of an overall benefits package, with a growing focus on reducing the stigma of experiencing these issues, providing access to mental health resources, and prioritizing employee well-being. In this session, we will highlight companies that have successfully implemented related programs and what benefits they have experienced.

LR: Legal Trends

The number of major strikes in the US rose to its second-highest level in two decades in 2022. Why does this matter and what should we know about recent cases that can help us avoid similar pitfalls? What are other current legal and organizing trends in this area?

The presentation will include case studies of recent labor disputes. What are the learnings and how can we avoid the same fate?


  • Joe Galardi (Benefits & Wellbeing, TVA)
  • Rich Joy (FPL)


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