DEI: Innovative DE&I Trends:

As companies strive to build a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming, it's essential to recognize the critical role DE&I plays in attracting and retaining top talent. In this presentation, we will explore the benefits of a strong DE&I program, the challenges of implementing DE&I actions at a local level, and provide practical advice and best practices for creating effective DE&I experiences.

DEI & Leadership Development Roundtable

This roundtable discussion will be held by the DEI and Leadership Development Leads who will ask and answer questions about both topics. This is meant to be an interactive and engaging 45 minutes to listen and learn with industry peers.


  • Cornell Johnson (Head of DEI, Centuri Group Inc.)
  • Zoe King (Consultant and Facilitator, ReadySet)
  • Lori Brady (Senior Director, Human Resources & Training Development, NEI)
  • Kaitlin Giles (Southern)
  • Nicole Cady (Constellation)
  • Lisa Hopper (Southern)


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