DEI: Innovative DE&I Trends:

As companies strive to build a workplace that is inclusive and welcoming, it's essential to recognize the critical role DE&I plays in attracting and retaining top talent. In this presentation, we will explore the benefits of a strong DE&I program, the challenges of implementing DE&I actions at a local level, and provide practical advice and best practices for creating effective DE&I experiences.

Leadership Development: Applying the INPO Talent Management Guideline

Of all our resources, people and their accompanying talents are the largest and most important factor in achieving and sustaining excellence. Supporting the advancement of leadership, technical and team effectiveness skills can translate to innovative solutions, technical advancement, and successful completion of business goals, as well as personnel satisfaction. This session will explore INPO’s newly released Talent Management Guideline (INPO 23-002), which provides an integrated and structured approach for a well-developed talent strategy. You will also hear ways in which the guideline is being implemented from industry professionals who were instrumental in creating and developing the document.


  • Meshelle Augustin (TVA)
  • Kristin Pigler (INPO)
  • Jeanna Sheehan (Duke)
  • Cornell Johnson (Head of DEI, Centuri Group Inc.)
  • Zoe King (Consultant and Facilitator, ReadySet)
  • Lori Brady (NEI)
  • Kaitlin Giles (Southern)


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