Experienced nuclear resources that are certified is a limited market, and each utility and site competes for similar resources at the same time due to spring and fall outage schedules. Even on the same site, major projects can compete with routine maintenance and RP activities for the same skill set. Combined with often projects choose the best athlete for the different aspects of a project. What are utilities and suppliers doing to collaborate and work together to minimize the cost and risk when competing for the same resources and accomplish the work. Agreements sharing risk? Agreements to move resources to other companies? Agreements with bundling subcontractors under one agreement?


  • Bill Fry (Moderator) (Duke Energy)
  • George Shampy (Co-moderator) (Entergy)
  • Tim Johnson (Xcel Energy)
  • Jim Cootes (BHI-Westinghouse)
  • Roddy Phillips (ARC Services)
  • Tyler Burdette (ARC Energy Services)


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