This session will feature cutting edge modernization projects which are developing modern control rooms for the US operating fleet. This session will showcase how these projects have leveraged best in class human machine interfaces and analysis techniques to develop a modern concept of operations. This modern concept of operations drives a control room design which reduces operational risk while providing the right quality and spectrum of data to the Operators. This sustainable model allows for plant architecture design evolution and long-term sustainability including addressing the needs of the future workforce and retention of younger operators. This is done through task analyses, function allocation and analysis, and verification & validation applying an innovative approach to human systems integration (HSI) design. This session will have presentations from several individuals who are applying these innovative design techniques that are changing the way we design and operate our plants.


  • Lead: Pareez Golub (S&L)
  • Brian Devine (CEG)
  • Ray Herb (SNC)
  • Christopher Hope (TerraPower)
  • Jeffrey Joe (INL)


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