Learning Methods – 1030-1200 Remote Training and Exam Proctoring – 1330-1500 Operator Remote Monitoring – 1530-1700 Learning Methods: This session is about learning methods, including some recent cognitive psychology findings, and we will show how a virtual training product could be used to harness different learning methods and tap into adult learning preferences. Remote Training and Exam Proctoring: This is a facilitated session for participants to engage with each other on the lessons learned to date on the successes and shortfalls associated with the virtual implementation of training and oversight of student evaluations. Operator Remote Monitoring: This session will provide information on how Duke Energy is currently using innovative devices to automate some of the data collection during operator rounds. This session will highlight the use of wireless gauge readers, video cameras, and other technologies and methods to enable operators to monitor the plant more effectively and efficiently. We will discuss how these technologies and methods can work, how they can be installed and calibrated, and how the data can be used by operators to develop better plant control and monitoring practices. The session will include time for participants to ask questions, share experiences, and discuss innovative solutions they are pursuing to optimize operator control and monitoring of plant equipment.


  • John Tripoli (Talen Energy)
  • Jessika Hernandez (Accelerant)
  • Chris Hynes (Duke Energy)
  • Branson Maynard (EPRI)
  • Steve Putnam (Duke Energy)


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