The utility industry is undergoing dramatic changes as low fuel costs and new technologies, such as solar and batteries, threaten to disrupt the traditional utility generation model; potentially having dramatic impacts on revenues. For nuclear, subsidized renewables and cheap natural gas are formidable low-cost energy competitors in a reduced electricity demand environment. At the same time, costs are increasing as workforces and assets age, interest rates rise, and customer expectations drive the need to support new channels for information and transactions. Combined, these trends are placing significant pressure on earnings. Macro trends will continue to drive business priorities, but enterprise-wide control of cost allows utilities to determine their own destinies. These Cost Optimization sessions will analyze the past 6 years of cost and staffing trends. We will identify key circumstances representing improvements and hear from utilities which have successfully implemented cost saving initiatives. We will discuss measures utilities have already taken, or plan to implement, with an eye on cost reductions. With the premature shutdown of nuclear power plants a reality, reducing cost while maintaining safety and reliability is of utmost importance.


  • Maria Hernandez (Duke Energy)
  • Andrey Mushakov (Lightbridge)
  • Jeff Norrell (Westinghouse)
  • Dylan Robideaux (MCR)
  • Fred Smith (EPRI)
  • Skip Young (Consultant)
  • Mark Campagna (FENOC-(Ret))


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