Developing People – 1030-1200 Remote Management Mentoring – 1330-1500 Automating Compliance – 1530-1700 Developing People: Workforce studies continue to show a need to replace significant portions of the US NPP workers due to aging demographics, transitioning workforce, and extended operating licenses.  This session will discuss various strategies and how several utilities successfully implemented People Health Committees to manage their talent needs and help obtain alignment with leadership on the effect of people programs. Remote Management Mentoring: With constant turnover of key leadership positions in the nuclear industry, stations are faced with finding ways to accelerate the knowledge and skills of newly selected leaders. These leaders can enter their new position with a variety of existing knowledge and experiences but also with several development areas needing to be address. This session will be an interactive session with facilitators prompting discussion on development of these leaders, succession planning, and creating bench strength for future managers and directors in these critical leadership positions. There will be opportunity for the participants to share their successes and challenges in developing individuals for critical leadership roles. The facilitators will make a short presentation followed by discussions that will include suggestions on improving bench strength and ensuring that individuals are prepared for their new leadership positions or are able to efficiently obtain the required knowledge and skill to be successful in that role. Discussions will include customized development plans, use of remote mentoring tools, and using not only station personnel but also industry personnel as mentors. Expected outcome from attending the session will promote how to ensure the transition to the new leadership roles is successful while also taking into consideration the station’s current schedule and resources. Automating Compliance: This session will be an opportunity for participants to learn about changing trends in technology that open up the door for advanced automation in compliance. The session leader will discuss how Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), and Application Programming Interface (API) centric software are opening up opportunities to save money, reduce risk, and provide speed and agility to the business. The session will provide examples of solutions deployed in the industry and current trends to provide a common base of knowledge on the art of the possible. The remainder of the session will explore use cases, example success stories, and lessons learned from the community on their compliance automation journey.


  • James Hettel (Arizona Public Service Co.)
  • David DuBey (Entergy)
  • David Heler (Accelerant – Nuclear Human Resources Group)
  • Paul Bury (STARS)
  • Chuck Sizemore (Consultant)
  • Travis Howerton (C2Labs)

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