Digital modernization is typically cited as the method to address reliability and obsolescence of traditional analog I&C systems, but Digital Modernization is really Business Modernization. This workshop will explore the capabilities of the new digital architectures that can be used to increase the potential O&M savings in the engineering support and plant maintenance organizations through the use of enhanced monitoring and diagnostics endemic in new digital platforms, both used for plant control and connected to the plantwide business LAN. These systems can be used to support predictive and value based maintenance, distributed workforces, plant and fleet standardization initiatives, digital lifecycle management strategies, etc. The Workshop will be divided into three parts, each part will address a different aspect of using digital capabilities and modernization initiatives to improve the business. Part 1 (10:30-12:00) Using data to increase reliability and reduce O&M costs (Rob Austin - EPRI, Molly Strasser - Xcel Energy, Charlie Fox - APS) Part 2 (1:30-3:00) Main control room modernization decision-making (Quinn Reynolds - Sargent & Lundy, Jeremy Chenkovich - Dominion Energy, Jeffery Joe - INL) Part 3 (3:30-5:00) Cost saving initiatives in digital (Neil Archambo - Duke, John Connelly - Exelon, Jason Gasque - TVA )


  • Rob Austin (EPRI)
  • Molly Strasser (Xcel Energy)
  • Quinn Reynolds (Sargent & Lundy)
  • Jeremy Chenkovich (Dominion Energy)
  • Jeffrey Joe (INL)
  • Neil Archambo (Duke Energy)
  • John Connelly (Exelon)
  • Jason Gasque (TVA)


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