TopFuel 2022 General Chair

Speaker photo

Rita Baranwal


Speaker photo

Alina Jugan
ANS Student Chapter President
NC State University


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Andrew Griffith
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Office of Nuclear Energy

U.S. Department of Energy

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Assil Halimi
Ph.D. Student
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Speaker photo

Ala F. Alzaben
Senior Vice President
Commercial & Customer Center
Fuel Business Unit

The TopFuel conference will feature an engaging keynote session focused on the meeting theme, Sustainovation: The time is now!! ANS NC State University Student Section President Alina Jugan will moderate an interactive discussion on innovation in nuclear fuel and what is needed to sustain the existing fleet as well as propel us into the future. The conversation will be fueled by questions from the audience that will be answered by a panel of leading experts in the light water reactor fuel field. This immersive discussion will help provide a vision into the future of nuclear energy through insightful and thoughtful dialogue. Speakers include: • Rita Baranwal (TopFuel 2022 General Chair), Chief Technology Officer, Westinghouse • Ala Alzaben, Commercial & Customer Center, Fuel Business Unit, Framatome • Andrew Griffith, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Nuclear Energy, U.S. Department of Energy • Assil Halimi, PhD Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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