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In-Situ Thermomechanical Measurements During Burst Testing of Zr Claddings Using Digital Image Correlation and Infrared Thermography Techniques

3:30–3:55PM EDT

Samuel B. Bell (Univ. Tennessee., Knoxville), Benton Garrison (ORNL), Ryan T. Sweet (ORNL), Mackenzie Ridley (ORNL), Kenneth A. Kane (Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Laboratory), Nathan A. Capps (ORNL)

Investigation of Nuclear Fuels Behaviour Under Thermal Stresses: New Insights Gained Thanks to Laser-Based Experiments

3:55–4:20PM EDT

Yves Pontillon (CEA), Thomas Doualle (CEA), Matthieu Reymond (CEA), Vincent Klosek (CEA), Laurent Gallais (Aix Marseille Univ.)

Presented by Veronica D'Ambrosi (CEA)

Transient Fuel Tests in BR-2 with the Pressurized Water Capsule -- Decomposing Gamma-Heating and Nuclear Fission Contributions

4:20–4:45PM EDT

S. Billiet (SCK CEN), B. Boer (SCK CEN), R. Van Nieuwenhove (SCK CEN), E. Sikik (SCK CEN), S. Mellemans (SCK CEN), G. Van den Branden (SCK CEN), M. Verwerft (SCK CEN)

The NEA Framework for Irradiation Experiments (FIDES): A New Future for International Collaboration on Nuclear Fuel Research

4:45–5:10PM EDT

Michelle Bales (Nuclear Energy Agency), Markus Beilmann (Nuclear Energy Agency), Gilles Bignan (Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies), Raymond Furstenau (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission), Tatiana Ivanova (Nuclear Energy Agency), Olivier Marchand (IRSN), Daniel Wachs (INL)


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