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Poolside Visual Inspection of Cr-Coated Lead Test Rods at Doel 4 After One Irradiation Cycle

10:15–10:40AM EDT

Lucile Fallot (ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas), Lustolde Martínez (Enusa Industrias Avanzadas), Nuria Doncel (Enusa Industrias Avanzadas), Jorie L. Walters (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Jinzhao Zhang (Tractebel (Engie)), Arnaud Meert (ENGIE Electrabel)

Accident Tolerant and High Burnup Hotcell PIE at ORNL

10:40–11:05AM EDT

Luke Olson (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Ernesto Pitruzzella (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Jorie Walters (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Elwyn Roberts (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Dave Mitchell (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Andrew Mueller (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Luther Hallman (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Guirong Pan (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Kathryn Metzger (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Benjamin Maier (Westinghouse Electric Co.), John Lyons (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Allan Jaworski (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Ed Lahoda (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Jeffrey Kobelak (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Michael Shockling (Westinghouse Electric Co.), Nathan Capps (ORNL), Jason M. Harp (ORNL)

Practical Development of Accident Tolerant FeCrAl-ODS Fuel Claddings for BWRs in Japan

11:05–11:30AM EDT

K. Sakamoto (Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development), Y. Miura (Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development), H. Shibata (Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development), S. Asamoto (Global Nuclear Fuel - Japan), R. Obata (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy), I. Ioka (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), S. Yamashita (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), M. Osaka (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

Uniaxial Creep Studies of Commercial FeCrAl Alloy

11:30–11:55AM EDT

Hamdy Abouelella (NCSU), Jacob Eapen (NCSU), K.L. Murty (NCSU)


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