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The Kraken framework is a computational reactor analysis framework developed at VTT for both safety analyses and general research and educational purposes. With the neutronics side building heavily on the in-house Monte Carlo code Serpent, the framework couples novel Finnish solvers for core physics but also couples to state-of-the-art third pary solvers. The Python based multi-physics driver Cerberus and the Python package of pre- and post-processing methods KrakenTools aim to simplify core analysis tasks. Work is ongoing to license the framework free of charge for non-commercial use with distribution through the OECD/NEA data bank and the RSICC.


1. Motivation behind Kraken development.

2. Current solvers in the Kraken framework.

3. KrakenTools, a Python package to help working with Kraken solvers.

4. Coupled multi-physics calculations with Kraken.

5. Demonstration: SMR operating cycle analysis with Kraken.

6. Current status of licensing and distribution.