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OpenMC Model of ATR

OpenMC is a general purpose Monte Carlo neutron and photon transport simulation code. It is capable of simulating 3D models based on constructive solid geometry with second-order surfaces as well as CAD-based geometries using the DAGMC library. It also has built-in capabilities for activation/depletion to track material evolution with time. OpenMC was originally developed by members of the Computational Reactor Physics Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology starting in 2011 with a specific focus on high performance computing and has now evolved into a community developed code with contributions from many institutions.

OpenMC Model of the BEAVRS PWR Benchmark

This workshop will present a brief overview of the code and its growing list of features, and a walk-through on how to setup input files using the Python API using nuclear reactor examples. The workshop will also demonstrate how to leverage powerful Python packages for post-processing of results.

Participants should bring their laptop to follow along and run OpenMC. A link will be provided to access the software on a cloud computing platform.