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Pebble Flow and Residence Time Distribution of 6.0 cm Graphite Pebbles in a Recirculating Pebble Bed Experimental Setup Using Radioactive Particle Tracking Technique

3:30–3:40PM EDT

Ahmed Jasim (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Jihane Mendil (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Omar Farid (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Zeyad Zeitoun (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Sebastian Uribe (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology), Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan (Missouri Univ. Science and Technology)

Automated Thermal Hydraulics System Analysis of High Flux Isotope Reactor Low-Enriched Uranium Silicide Dispersion Fuel Designs

3:40–3:50PM EDT

Christopher J. Hurt (ORNL), Zachary A. Bacon (ORNL), Valerie D. Fudurich (ORNL), W. Christopher Lowe (ORNL)

3D Imaging of Phase Structures Using Fibre Bragg Grating Grid Sensors

3:50–4:00PM EDT

Harvey Oliver Plows (Bangor Univ.), Marat Margulis (Bangor Univ.), Jinfeng Li (Bangor Univ.)

Modeling and Simulation-Informed Design of a Natural Convection Salt Loop Irradiation Experiment at MITR to Generate MSR-Specific Data

4:00–4:10PM EDT

Nesrin O. Cetiner (MIT), David Carpenter (MIT), Guiqiu Zheng (MIT), Gordon Kohse (MIT)

COMSOL Multiphysics Modeling Results for the Low Enriched Uranium-Silicide Conversion of the High Flux Isotope Reactor

4:10–4:20PM EDT

Prashant K. Jain (ORNL)

Flow Visualization in a Packed Bed Using Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) and X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT)

4:20–4:30PM EDT

Adam O. Mafi (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Arturo Cabral (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Jerel W. Houston (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Lane B. Carasik (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Cody S. Wiggins (ORNL)

Large Eddy Simulations of Channel Flow with one Heated Wall for Liquid Metals and High Temperature Gasses

4:30–4:40PM EDT

Theodore M. Chu (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Lane B. Carasik (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

Large Eddy Simulation of Thermal Mixing of Liquid Sodium in a T-Junction

4:40–4:50PM EDT

Xiaoxue Huang (Univ. Sheffield), Shuisheng He (Univ. Sheffield)

Measurements of Near-Wall Turbulence in Water by Molecular Tagging Velocimetry

4:50–5:00PM EDT

Charles Fort (George Washington Univ.), Philippe Bardet (George Washington Univ.)

Code Calculation of Flow Distributions in a Plate-Type Fuel Assembly

5:00–5:10PM EDT

Zhou Lei (Nuclear Power Institute of China), Liu Jingze (Nuclear Power Institute of China), Yang Jun (Nuclear Power Institute of China)


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