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Comparison Between EDF MAAP5.04, EPRI MAAP5.06 and CATHARE Codes on Hypothetical Accidental Transients Leading to a Core Damage on the NUWARD SMR Design

3:30–3:50PM EDT

Jeremy Bittan (EDF)

The iPWR MELCOR 2.2 Parametric Sensitivity Analysis

3:50–4:10PM EDT

Mateusz Malicki (Paul Scherrer Institute), Piotr Darnowski (Warsaw Univ. Technology), Terttaliisa Lind (Paul Scherrer Institute)

Analyses of the MELCOR Capability to Simulate Integral PWR Using Passive Systems

4:10–4:30PM EDT

F. Giannetti (Sapienza Univ. Rome), M. Imperatori (Sapienza Univ. Rome), M. D'Onorio (Sapienza Univ. Rome), M. Garcia (CIEMAT), L. E. Herranz (CIEMAT), A. Bersano (ENEA), F. Mascari (ENEA)

Advanced FCVS System Using Silver Zeolite AgX, AgR and XeA

4:30–4:50PM EDT

Yoshihiro Ishikawa (Rasa Industries), Koji Endo (Rasa Industries), Tadashi Narabayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology), D. Suckow (Paul Scherrer Institute), F. Espegren (Paul Scherrer Institute), T. Lind (Paul Scherrer Institute), J. Mantzaras (Paul Scherrer Institute), V.K. Arumugam (Paul Scherrer Institute), J. Theile (Paul Scherrer Institute), Yuta Nakasaka (Hokkaido Univ.), Yasuhiro Kawahara (Kimura Chemical Plants Co.)

Sensitivity Analysis of Heat Transfer Limit Under IVR-ERVC Condition Based on a Newly Developed CHF Model

4:50–5:10PM EDT

Gang Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.), Shilei Han (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.), Bo Kuang (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.), Pengfei Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)


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