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Analysis of Hydrogen Diffusion Ignition in Oxygen-Nitrogen Mixtures

9:00–9:20AM EDT

Odai Nassar (Tel Aviv Univ.), Surya Kaundinya Oruganti (Tel Aviv Univ.), Marcel Martins Alves (Tel Aviv Univ.), Sergey Kudriakov (CEA), Etienne Studer (CEA), Liel Ishay (Nuclear Research Center Negev), Yoram Kozak (Tel Aviv Univ.)

PANDA Experiment Addressing the Thermal Effects in a Large Water Pool Caused by Steam and a Lighter Non-condensable Gas Release from a Multi-Hole Sparger

9:20–9:40AM EDT

Domenico Paladino (Paul Scherrer Institute), Ralf Kapulla (Paul Scherrer Institute), Myeong Seon Chae (Paul Scherrer Institute), Sidharth Paranjape (Ostschweizer Fachhochschule), Guillaume Mignot (Oregon State), Pavel Kudinov (Royal Institute of Technology)

Recombination of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide on Silver-Based Zeolites in the Presence of Steam and at Pressures up to 3 Bar

9:40–10:00AM EDT

J. Mantzaras (Paul Scherrer Institute), V.K. Arumugam (Paul Scherrer Institute), J. Theile (Paul Scherrer Institute), D. Suckow (Paul Scherrer Institute), F. Espegren (Paul Scherrer Institute), T. Lind (Paul Scherrer Institute)

Experiments on the Impact of Carbon Monoxide on the Efficiency of Catalysts used for Hydrogen Mitigation in the Late Phase of a Severe Accident

10:00–10:20AM EDT

Ernst-Arndt Reinecke (Forschungszentrum Juelich), Gabriela Nobrega (IRSN), Michael Klauck (Forschungszentrum Jülich)


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