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Thermal Hydraulic Experiments and Code Validation for LWR SMRs Within the European McSAFER Project: Overview of Activities and Current Status

10:45–11:05AM EDT

H. Suikkanen (LUT Univ.), J. Telkkä (LUT Univ.), V. Kouhia (LUT Univ.), S. Gabriel (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), G. Albrecht (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), W. Heiler (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), F. Heineken (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), V. H. Sanchez-Espinoza (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology), H. Li (Royal Institute of Technology), D. Grishchenko (Royal Institute of Technology), M. Bencik (Nuclear Research Institute Rez), L. Vyskocil (Nuclear Research Institute Rez), V. Dolecek (Nuclear Research Institute Rez), C. Queral (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid), K. Fernandez-Cosials (Univ. Politécnica de Madrid), L. Rueda Villegas (Tractebel ENGIE), C. R. Schneidesch (Tractebel ENGIE)

Measurement of Aerosol Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamics in a Bubble Column Using Wire-Mesh Sensors

11:05–11:25AM EDT

Alvaro Ramos Perez (Paul Scherrer Institute), Terttaliisa Lind (Paul Scherrer Institute), Annalisa Manera (Paul Scherrer Institute), Victor Petrov (Paul Scherrer Institute), Horst-Michael Prasser (ETH Zürich)

RIVA: A New Experimental Facility for Fast Blowdown and Pressurization of Small Containment

11:25–11:45AM EDT

Lucia Sargentini (CEA), Constantin Ledier (CEA), Arnaud Chazottes (CEA)

High-Fidelity Experiments of Turbulent Buoyant Jets from Simultaneous Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Induced Fluorescence

11:45AM–12:05PM EDT

Valentina Valori (ETH Zurich), Sunming Qin (INL), Victor Petrov (ETH Zürich), Annalisa Manera (ETH Zürich)


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