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Efficiency of Passive Open Loop Heat Removal over Wide Range of Loop Flow Resistances -- PASI Loop Tests in the EU-PASTELS Project

1:30–1:50PM EDT

J. Telkkä (LUT Univ.), V. Riikonen (LUT Univ.), A. Räsänen (LUT Univ.), E. Kotro (LUT Univ.), J. Hyvärinen (LUT Univ.)

Experiments of Helically Rifled Tubing Thermal Performance Using Additively Manufactured Test Sections for Molten Salt Applications

1:50–2:10PM EDT

Ryan P. McGuire (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Landon Moore (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Arturo Cabral (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Connor F. Donlan (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), James Vulcanoff (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.), Lane B. Carasik (Virginia Commonwealth Univ.)

RPV Top and Bottom Break SBLOCA with Passive Emergency Core Cooling System Using ATLAS Test Facility

2:10–2:30PM EDT

Seok Cho (KAERI), Byoung-Uhn Bae (KAERI), Yu-Sun Park (KAERI), Jae-Bong Lee (KAERI), Jong-Rok Kim (KAERI), Kyong-Ho Kang (KAERI)

A Preliminary Study on Performance Evaluation of 100 kW Printed Circuit Steam Generator for Small Modular Reactor Application

2:30–2:50PM EDT

Hwang Bae (KAERI), Hyun-Gi Yoon (KAERI), Sunil Lee (KAERI), Jin-Hwa Yang (KAERI), Yoon Gon Bang (KAERI), Chanjong Seo (KAERI), Sung-Jae Yi (KAERI), Hyun-Sik Park (KAERI), Sang Ji Kim (KAERI), Sung Won Lim (KAERI)

Experimental Investigation on the Steam-Air Mixture Stratification in PCCS Using Condensation Heat Exchanger of Natural Circulation Loop

2:50–3:10PM EDT

Jin-Hwa Yang (KAERI), Tae-Hwan Ahn (KAERI), Hong-Hyun Son (KAERI), Jin Su Kwon (KAERI), Hwang Bae (KAERI), Hyun-Sik Park (KAERI)


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