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Validation Practices of Multi-Physics Core Performance Analysis in an Advanced Reactor Design Study

3:30–3:50PM EDT

Norihiro Doda (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Shinya Kato (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Erina Hamase (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Kazuki Kuwagaki (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Norihiro Kikuchi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Kazuya Ohgama (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Kazuo Yoshimura (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Ryuji Yoshikawa (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Kenji Yokoyama (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Tomoyuki Uwaba (Japan Atomic Energy Agency), Masaaki Tanaka (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

Pin-Wise Fuel Behavior of Nuclear Reactor Using Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Methodology

3:50–4:10PM EDT

Jae Ryong Lee (KAERI), Han Young Yoon (KAERI)

Scaled Experiment Design for Transient Coupled CFD-Reactor Physics Model for HENRI

4:10–4:30PM EDT

A. Warren (Oregon State), G. Mignot (Oregon State), W. Marcum (Oregon State)

Numerical Simulation of Vibrating Rods in a Cross Flow in the Frame of an OECD Benchmark

4:30–4:50PM EDT

Jan-Patrice Simoneau (EDF)

Influence of Relative Power Difference Weighting on Convergence of Coupled Neutronic Thermal-Hydraulic Calculations of Heavy Water Small Modular Reactor

4:50–5:10PM EDT

T. Korinek (Czech Technical Univ. Prague), R. Skoda (Czech Technical Univ. Prague), M. Lovecky (Univ. West Bohemia), J. Zavorka (Univ. West Bohemia)


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