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Fusion Propulsion in 2022: Where We Are and Where We Are Going

Stephen Samples (Aerospace Corp.)

Ideas for Infusing OSAM into Nuclear Electric Propulsion Architectures

Julia Cline (NASA Langley Research Center), John Dorsey (NASA Langley Research Center), David Kang (NASA Langley Research Center), Bill Doggett (NASA Langley Research Center), Danette Allen (NASA Langley Research Center)

Mission Assurance for a Nuclear Thermal Propulsion First Flight Vehicle

Sophonias Teshome (Aerospace Corp.), Roland Duphily (Aerospace Corp.), Norman Lao (Aerospace Corp.)

Presented by Randy Bell (Aerospace Corp.)

Space Environment Neutron Production in Space Nuclear Reactors

W. Randy Bell (Aerospace Corp.), T. Paul O'Brien (Aerospace Corp.), Mark Looper (Aerospace Corp.), Eric Davis (Aerospace Corp.)

Aerogel Supported Fission Fragment Rocket Engine Core

Ryan Weed (Positron Dynamics), Matthew Horsley (LLNL), George Chapline (LLNL)

Material and Modal Analysis of the Rotating Cylinders and Turbine Blades of NASA's Centrifugal Nuclear Thermal Rocket

Tristan Carter (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center), Manav Dave (UAH Propulsion Research Center)

Application of Improved Heat Exchanger Geometry to Nuclear Thermal Rocket Engines

Spencer Christian (Ohio State), Casey Ruckman (Ohio State), Jacob Stonehill (Ohio State), Preston Williams Jr. (Ohio State), Caleb Whitacre (Ohio State), John M. Horack (Ohio State)

Non-Uniform Heating Impact on Specific Impulse in Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Engines

Spencer Christian (Ohio State), John M. Horack (Ohio State)

Coverage to Launch: Updating Nuclear Liability Laws to Empower Development of Space Technologies

Sid Fowler (Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman), Jeffrey S. Merrifield (Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman), Vince C. Zabielski (Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman)

Development of a Nuclear Thermal Rocket I&C Testbed

Brandon Wilson (ORNL), Hayden Sutton (Univ. Tennessee, Knoxville), Bart Murphy (ORNL), N. Dianne Bull Ezell (ORNL)

An Extremely High Isp Spacecraft Propulsion System

Lawrence Forsley (Global Energy Corp.), Theresa Benyo (NASA Glenn Research Center), Pamela Mosier-Boss (Global Energy Corp.), Leonard Dudzinski (NASA Headquarters)

Anti-Criticality Assessments for the Government Testing Reference NTP Design

Mike Savela (BWXT Advanced Technologies), Daniel Newell (BWXT Advanced Technologies), Patrick Hunt (BWXT Advanced Technologies), Randall Paliga (BWXT Advanced Technologies), Matthew Ales (BWXT Advanced Technologies), Shane Stimpson (BWXT Advanced Technologies)

Alpha Particle Propulsion for Overtaking Voyger-1 in 40 years

Naoyuki Takaki (Tokyo City Univ.), Hiroki Yaguchi (Tokyo City Univ.), Yuki Sakurai (Tokyo City Univ.), Keigo Hasegawa (Tokyo City Univ.)

Abeona: Nuclear-Electric Propulsion Vehicle for Missions to Neptune and Outer Planets

Geoffrey A. Landis (NASA Glenn Research Center), Steven R. Oleson (NASA Glenn Research Center)


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