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MSL MMRTG Power Modeling for Lifetime Performance Predictions

Brian Phan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Eric Wood (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Jennifer Herman (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Thierry Caillat (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Stanley Pinkowski (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Jagdish Patel (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

The European Radioisotope Power Systems Program: Recent Updates and Synergies

Richard M. Ambrosi (Univ. Leicester)

Thermoradiative Arrays: A New Technology for Conversion of Heat into Electrical Power

Geoffrey A. Landis (NASA Glenn Research Center)

JTEC: The Johnson Thermo-Electrochemical Convertor for Heat-to-Electric Conversion

Rengaswamy Srinivasan (Johns Hopkins APL), Adrian A. Podpirka (Johns Hopkins APL), Tobias D. Dilworth (Johns Hopkins APL), Tedric Campbell (JTEC Energy), Jonathan P. Jones (Johns Hopkins APL), Phillip I. Johnson (Johns Hopkins APL), Yifan Yuan (Purdue), Sandip Mondal (Purdue), Shriram Ramanathan (Purdue), Timothy F. Miller (TFM Technical), David Johnson (JTEC Energy), Michael McQuary (JTEC Energy), Lonnie G. Johnson (JTEC Energy), Paul Ostdiek (Johns Hopkins APL)

GPHS Heritage-like SiGe Unicouple Development with SiGe and SiMo Materials Prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering

Rama Venkatasubramanian (Johns Hopkins APL), Jonathan Pierce (Johns Hopkins APL), Richard Ung (Johns Hopkins APL), Jake Ballard (Johns Hopkins APL), Priestly Shuler (Johns Hopkins APL), Joseph Poon (Univ. Virginia, Charlottesville), Mousumi Mitra (Univ. Virginia, Charlottesville), Scott Misture (Alfred Univ.), Tim Erickson (Johns Hopkins APL), Paul Ostdiek (Johns Hopkins APL)


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