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Risk-informed, Performance-based Principles and Policy Committee (RP3C)

The ANS Standards Board (SB) has established the Risk-informed, Performance-based Principles and Policy Committee (RP3C) as a committee that reports directly to the SB. The RP3C is responsible for the identification and oversight of the development and implementation of the ANS Risk-Informed and Performance-Based Standards Plan that establishes the approaches, priorities, responsibilities and schedules for implementation of risk-informed and performance-based principles in ANS standards. These principles are applicable to standards that address the design, construction, operation, evaluation and analysis, decontamination and decommissioning, waste management, and environmental restoration for nuclear facilities. The RP3C is not authorized to develop consensus standards or other similar products.

RP3C Leadership

N. Prasad Kadambi, Ph.D.


Vice Chair:
Robert B. Hayes, Ph.D.

North Carolina State University

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