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Short-Pulse Photoneutron Production on Beryllium Using the Mercury Pulsed Power X-Ray Source

D. L. Duke, T. Archuleta, M. Boswell, M. Espy, A. Gehring, T. Haines, H. Hermann, C. R. Johnson, Y. H. Kim, M. P. McCumber, K. D. Meaney, B. White (LANL), S. Baker, A. Corredor, L. Fegenbush, B. Gall, M. Heika, C. Kruschwitz, K. Montoya (Mission Support and Test Services), S. L. Jackson, A. S. Richardson, J. Schumer, J. C. Zier (U.S. Naval Research Lab), E. Ormond (SNL)

Transactions / Volume 119 / Number 1 / November 2018 / Pages 11-14

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