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Westinghouse's Lead Fast Reactor Program

P. Ferroni, F. Franceschini, J. Chrzanowski, C. Stansbury, A. Harkness, J. Liao, J. Vanderhoff, B. Friedmana, S. Smith, M. Smith, J. Willis, J. Fernandez, M. Sanders, S. Stipanovich, M. Ickes, E. Tatli, D. Utley, G. O'Brian, J. Long, Z. Cullen, P. Filiak, J. Monahan, R. Wright, J. Lyons, D. Murphy, A. Andren, M. Heldesjö, S. Middleburgh, E. Gustavsson, M. Puide (Westinghouse)

Transactions / Volume 117 / Number 1 / October 2017 / Pages 1472-1475

Reactor Physics

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