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Radwaste Solutions is a specialty magazine dedicated to the decommissioning, environmental remediation, and waste management segments of the nuclear industry. Editorial features include the generation, handling, treatment, cleanup, transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste. Created by the American Nuclear Society in 1994, the magazine covers the radwaste business throughout the United States as well as activities outside of the U.S.

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Featured Articles

Modernizing Liquid Waste Processing

Thinking outside the box, the nuclear sector puts a new spin on a pharmaceutical tool... (More - unlocked article)

Preparing for Nuclear Waste Transportation

The NWTRB offers findings and recommendations to the DOE on technical issues that need to be addressed in preparing for an integrated, nationwide program to transport nuclear waste... (More - members-only content)

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Bringing Down West Valley’s Vit Plant

After demolishing West Valley’s vitrification facility late last year, crews are in the final stages of bringing down seven ancillary support buildings... (More - unlocked article)

Lead Alternatives: Innovating the Radiation Shielding Industry

Sponsored by: MarShield Custom Radiation Shielding Products*

An area where material science is advancing the field of radiation shielding is in the development of non-lead shielding materials... (More - unlocked article)

Recent Regulatory Challenges Associated With Managing U.S. NORM and TENORM Waste Streams

Recent regulatory changes in several states in the United States have introduced new challenges to industries affected by naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and technologically enhanced NORM (TENORM), requiring innovative solutions... (More - members-only content)

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Toward a National Transportation Effort

The Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board is examining the technical issues the DOE needs to address in preparing a large program to transport spent fuel and nuclear waste nationwide... (More - unlocked article)

A New Interpretation of High-Level Waste

As the DOE looks to clarify its interpretation of HLW, local governments are supporting the examination of a risk-based alternative for disposal... (More - members-only content)

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