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Radwaste Solutions is a specialty magazine dedicated to the decommissioning, environmental remediation, and waste management segments of the nuclear industry. Editorial features include the generation, handling, treatment, cleanup, transportation, storage, and disposal of radioactive waste. Created by the American Nuclear Society in 1994, the magazine covers the radwaste business throughout the United States as well as activities outside of the U.S.

Featured Articles

A D&D Trifecta

A look at three different EnergySolutions-led decommissioning projects that are nearing completion... (More)

Cleaning Up in Canada

On the shores of Lake Ontario, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories is tackling one of the country’s largest environmental remediation projects... (More)

Getting Rid of Inventory

With the nation’s program for managing spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level radioactive waste currently stalled, the Department of Energy has been laying the groundwork for implementing an integrated waste management system to allow it to take possession of SNF from commercial power reactors as required by law... (More)

The Waste Factory Approach

Over its 75-year life, the 2,200-acre East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP) in Oak Ridge, Tenn., has seen unprecedented transformations—from weapons production facility to environmental cleanup site to multiuse industrial park... (More)

The New Decommissioning Rules

The NRC is in the process of amending its regulations for decommissioning power reactors with the goal of having a new rule in the next two years… (More)

Savannah River's Passive Groundwater Remediation

Workers with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) at the Department of Energy's Savannah River Site (SRS) in Aiken, S.C., continue to expand their use of passive groundwater clean-up systems that rely on nature to help lower costs, consume less energy, and reduce carbon emissions... (More)

Editor's Notes

Fall 2018: Sing the body electric

As robotics and advanced technologies evolve, so does their role in accomplishing D&D work... (More)

Spring 2018: (Not so) happy anniversary

Another year passes, and another missed deadline is remembered... (More)

Fall 2017: The Future of Things Past

While much work remains to be done, the DOE is making steady progress in cleaning up the nation's legacy nuclear waste... (More)

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