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Workshop: "Preparing for the Nuclear Professional Engineering Exam"

The Nuclear PE exam is offered annually in October. Plan ahead and start preparing by registering for the ANS exam preparation workshop. This full-day workshop is held every June during the ANS Annual Meeting on Sunday. The workshop covers:

  • Differing requirements by state
  • An overview of the examination format
  • An in-depth look at the topics and proficiencies tested in the four basic skill areas:
    1. Nuclear Power Systems
    2. Nuclear Fuel Cycle
    3. Interaction of Radiation with Matter
    4. Nuclear Criticality/Kinetics/Neutronics
  • View the full nuclear PE exam specification.
  • Sample questions worked through by attendees with instructor guidance and group review
  • The ANS Professional Engineering Examination Study Guide for Nuclear Engineers* including a sample exam and list of recommended resources for continued study

Upcoming workshop dates and locations:

  • June 17, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA

Register for the next workshop.

If you have questions about the workshop, fill out the form and an ANS staff member will contact you shortly.

The Nuclear PE: Trusted credentials make a difference.
The American Nuclear Society can help advance your career.

ANS Professional Engineering Examination Study Guide for Nuclear Engineers

The Study Guide* contains nearly 900 pages of information pertaining to PE licensure, the PE exam, suggested references to prepare for the exam, and notes on major knowledge areas and nuclear power systems problems and solutions. Sample exams with solutions are also provided.

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