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The Pacific Nuclear Council

The Pacific Nuclear Council is comprised of 14 member organizations -- professional nuclear societies and associations from nations around the Pacific Rim.

One of the principal functions of the Council is to locate and organize the series of biennial Pacific Basin Nuclear Conferences. In addition, the Council's current activities focus on Radioactive Waste Management, Nuclear Standards, Public Information and Outreach, as well as on Advanced Reactor Systems.

President is Kamal Verma, M.Sc. ME, P.Eng., Vice President, CANDU 6 Fleet Engineering Program.

The International Nuclear Societies Council

The International Nuclear Societies Council is a global organization of nuclear societies whose membership represents more than 80,000 nuclear professionals. INSC acts as a global forum for nuclear societies to discuss common aims and goals.

The present Chairman is Fernando Naredo, Secretary General, European Nuclear Society.

The International Nuclear Energy Academy

The International Nuclear Energy Academy (INEA) is comprised of prominent senior people having experience and knowledge in the nuclear energy field. The INEA desires to have a wide representation of members from many countries. The purpose of the INEA is to conduct studies, discussions, and develop recommendations for the international nuclear community on generic issues relevant to nuclear energy matters.

The present Chairman is John Luxat of McMaster University in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.

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