Author Name Changes on Published Articles

An author may have any number of reasons to change their name in the course of their career and wish to update their published articles to reflect this change, with or without publicly announcing this through a correction notice. ANS will update articles within Nuclear News, Radwaste Solutions, Transactions, and/or any ANS-produced proceedings where an author makes a request for their own name change, full or partial, without the requirement for an accompanying correction notice. Any pronouns in accompanying author bios and declaration statements will also be updated as part of the name change, if required. ANS’s technical journals follow a similar name change policy found at Taylor & Francis.

When you request a name change, ANS will:

  • Update any metadata associated with the article on our online platform.
  • Update the HTML and PDF versions of the article.
  • Contact any abstracting and indexing services that have agreements with the publication to propagate the name change in those places. (Note that such services may have their own bibliographic policies regarding author name changes. ANS cannot be held responsible for controlling updates to articles on third-party sites and services once an article has been disseminated).

If you wish a correction notice to be published alongside your name change, ANS will accommodate this on request, but it is not required for an author name change to be made.

To request a name change, please contact ANS at

ANS considers it a breach of publication ethics to request a name change for an individual without their explicit consent.

Last modified June 24, 2021, 8:38am CDT