Air ingress measurements using the 1/20th-scaled Helium Air Ingress gas Reactor Experiment (HAIRE) facility show key geometric variables of interest and their effect on air ingress in small- and medium-sized breaks in High Temperature Gas cooled Reactors. These variables include but are not limited to break diameter, break angle, and break wall thickness. Differing wall thicknesses for the same break diameter can have order-of-magnitude changes to the air ingress rate, which is a key figure of merit in the air ingress accident scenario. Additionally, different break sizes can change the importance of the angle in the break scenario. With smaller breaks, the flow will not transition from intermittent flow, to countercurrent flow, to diffusive flow as the break rotates from vertically upward toward vertically downward. This would lead to less variability with smaller breaks, which in turn would make the accident scenario more predictable for smaller-sized breaks.