This study determines the minimal detection time (MDT) needed for successful localization of radioactive hot spots during nuclear decommissioning work. An automated XY stage, equipped with a CdZnTe (CZT) spectrometer, was used to identify and localize hot spots of 241Am, 137Cs, and 60Co in a 1.7 × 1.7-m area. The stage served as a preliminary test platform for the development of an automated robotic characterization platform [Autonomous Robotic platform for CHaractERization (ARCHER) robot]. The dependence of the MDT on the detector efficiency and background (BKG) level was examined. For low BKG environments, the MDT for 137Cs was 871 ms and resulted in an error of the source localization of 14.21 mm and an error of the activity of 6.85%. For elevated BKG levels, the MDT increased to 15 526 ms. The 137Cs source was localized with an error of 34.13 mm and an error of the source activity of −7.04%. The MDT determination method used here offers a valuable approach for decreasing total scanning times while avoiding missing the presence of hot spots.