Calculated critical and subcritical data for systems of mixed oxides of plutonium and uranium are presented for review and subsequent incorporation into a revision of ANSI/ANS 8.12. The system specifications were prepared in parallel with the ISO standard ISO 11311:2011, involving experience from international mixed oxide fuel fabrication facilities. Data are presented for two mass fractions of plutonium to uranium plus plutonium (at 12.5% and 35%), damp mixed oxide density up to a theoretical density of 11.03 g/cm3 (for the 12.5% mass fraction, ignoring the variation due to plutonium isotopic content) and up to a density of 3.5 g/cm3 (for the 35% mass fraction), three plutonium isotopic mass fractions (100% 239Pu, 95% 239Pu with 5% 240Pu, and a reactor grade composition with 20% 240Pu and the balance 239Pu, 241Pu, and 242Pu), systems at two moderation conditions (water mass fractions at 3% and at optimal conditions) and systems at two water reflector conditions (nominal 2.5 cm and full 30.0 cm). Parameters of interest presented are values of volume (L), infinite cylinder diameter (cm), infinite slab thickness (cm), mass (kg), cylinder linear density (g/cm), and slab areal density (g/cm2). Values are presented at calculated multiplication factors of 1.000, 0.980 and 0.950. Calculations were made by various subject matter experts with various computational programs and cross section libraries. Validation methods were reviewed and discussed herein though data propagated to revision of ANSI/ANS 8.12 will reflect a conservative subcritical margin selected based on expert judgment.