We present results for a direct numerical simulation study of isothermal incompressible flow in a regularly packed pebble-bed domain with a bounding wall. We focus specifically on the near-wall behavior of the flow. Our simulation is carried out at a Reynolds number of 9308 to facilitate cross verification with available high-fidelity data. To reduce the required time to achieve statistically stationary results, we implemented an ensemble-averaging scheme that allowed for multiple simulation runs to be carried out concurrently. The close packing of the spheres in the domain causes significant acceleration effects in the domain, which result in boundary layer detachment and reattachment. Presented results include selected first- and second-order turbulence statistics, as well as selected terms of the turbulent kinetic energy transport equation. The acceleration effects in the near-wall region of the domain cause negative production of turbulent kinetic energy. The presented data may be useful for benchmarking Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes–based simulations of pebble beds.