The Multiphysics Object Oriented Simulation Environment (MOOSE) is an open-source, finite element framework for solving highly coupled sets of nonlinear equations. The development of the framework and applications occurs concurrently using an agile, continuous-integration software package. Included in the framework is an in-code, extensible documentation system. Using these two tools in union with the repository management tools GitHub and GitLab, a software quality plan was created and followed such that MOOSE and a MOOSE-based application (BISON) have been shown to meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 standard. The approach relies heavily on automation for both testing and documentation. The resulting effort demonstrates that a rigorous software quality plan may be implemented that incurs a minimal impact on day-to-day development of the software, satisfying the stringent guidelines necessary to operate the software in a safety function within a nuclear facility.