This paper presents the approach of extending a classical generic event tree (ET) of a Level 2 Probabilistic Safety Analysis to the results of a probabilistic dynamic safety analysis. The example of creep-induced steam generator tube rupture has been chosen. The results of an Analysis of Thermal Hydraulics of Leaks and Transients with Core Degradation (ATHLET-CD)/Monte Carlo Dynamic Event Tree (MCDET) simulation analyzing the failure of reactor coolant system components by creeping in a scenario of a high-pressure core melt accident in a generic pressurized water reactor (PWR) have been implemented in the ET. From the results of these simulations, a set of parameters has been extracted and integrated into the ET along with their probability distributions. The effect of these parameters on both the progression of the severe accident sequence under consideration and the release categories of a generic German PWR plant, respectively, is discussed in this paper.