We, the American Nuclear Society, the Editor and Publisher of Nuclear Technology, have retracted the following article: Yuki Sato & Tatsuo Torii: Visualization and Integration of Images of Radioactive Substances as Point Cloud Data in 3-D Environment Models. Nuclear Technology, 2020, DOI: 10.1080/00295450.2020.1722555The authors have requested the retraction of their article due to an identified defect in the Compton camera software, which resulted in an incorrect output value for the interaction position of the gamma rays in the sensor of the camera. It is expected that the experimental results may not change significantly with the bug correction; however, many figures would need to be replaced. The authors may seek a separate publication of an updated manuscript in the future.

We have been informed in our decision-making by our policy on publishing ethics and integrity and the COPE guidelines on retractions.

The retracted article will remain online to maintain the scholarly record, but it will be digitally watermarked on each page as „Retracted„.