The objective of the study has been to verify the calculated residual activity in the decommissioning waste of the TRIGA Mark II–type research reactor FiR 1 in Finland. Knowledge of the radioactive inventory of irradiated materials is important in the planning of decommissioning activities and is essential for predicting the radiological impact to personnel and the environment. Measurements are performed for low active material samples from outer parts of the reactor. Methods include gamma spectrometric measurements, composition measurements with mass spectrometry, oxidation measurements of especially 14C in graphite, and full combustion measurements of lithium-enriched shielding materials. Results are compared to estimates calculated with a combined Monte Carlo model of the reactor and a point-depletion code modeling the irradiation history. Decommissioning waste consists mainly of ordinary concrete, aluminum, steel, and graphite parts. Only preliminary measurements of low active samples are reported so far, but the same methods will be used later for characterizing and classifying dismantling waste. Some discussion of characterization requirements and future sampling is also included.