In detailed previous work by the authors, an innovative decay heat removal (DHR) system has been proposed and designed for the Integral Inherently Safe Light Water Reactor (I2S-LWR). The current paper studies the inadvertent actuation of one DHR system train during I2S-LWR normal operation due to a false signal or operator action. The RELAP5 code is used to perform a one-dimensional study, and important thermal-hydraulic characteristics, including primary loop coolant flow rate, pressure, temperature, DHR primary-side flow rate, and coolant temperature, are achieved during this transient. Then, a detailed computational fluid dynamics simulation utilizing STARCCM+ is carried out to investigate the coolant mixing characteristics in the downcomer and lower plenum and obtain the local thermal-hydraulic conditions at the reactor core inlet. It is found that as a consequence of inadvertent DHR actuation, the maximum overcooling at the reactor core inlet is about 3 K, which would not result in significant reactivity insertion. Furthermore, a more severe transient of inadvertent DHR operation with intermediate loop break is studied, and the results show that this would not lead to more significant overcooling to the I2S-LWR core compared with inadvertent DHR operation without intermediate loop break. This work is an indispensable supplement for DHR system comprehensive assessment in the I2S-LWR project.